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Beeswax Furniture Polish

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Easy to use, restores a wonderful glow to dull natural wood in minutes and has a gorgeous scent.


Little Leafy wood polish contains natural beeswax from our hives and can be quickly and easily applied to any wood. Perfect for bare or sealed wooden surfaces to obtain a good shine and for a perfect beeswax wood finish.


Ensure that all surfaces are clean, dry and free from dust and dirt prior to application.


Apply the beeswax wood polish sparingly, working on small areas at a time. Recommendation for bare wood is 2-3 coats or 1-2 coats for pre-finished wooden surfaces, additional coats can be applied if required. Surfaces are normally re-coated every 12-18 months, although many people re-wax on a more regular basis. Additional coats of polish will offer an improved patina.

Our solid beeswax polish for wood can be quickly and easily applied with stockinette cloth or good quality paint brush.


  • Beeswax from our hives - nothing added or taken away
  • Natural Pine Turpentine
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