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About us & Our Bees 

Our bees originate from the UK. all Our queens are descendants from the original buckfast bee we started out with. Subsequent breeding has been made with local males within the vicinity of their apiary. 

Our bees have access to beautiful oxfordshire countryside. The farm is managed by my husband Matt who is a keen wildlife advocate, he demonstrates this by using more traditional farming methods that have a low harm impact on the animals and birds that share the space. Hedgrows grow and wildflowers are aplenty in the pasture. 

The decision to begin keeping bees began after a lifelong interest and fascination in the lives of bees. 

The girls have become a fond extension of our family, they are marvellous little creatures. 

I am a mother of four, a grandmother, midwife and proud beekeeper!! 

Beeswax is a natural wax produced by the bees from their abdominal glands, it is produced much like human earwax, nurse/house bees will simply forage from their sisters when a sizeable chunk is produced. The bees use wax to create the honeycomb. Over time the comb gets darker (bees don't use doormats!). This wax is removed from the hive to prevent disease and infestation from wax moth. Not long after I started beekeeping I discovered I had a creative side, finding uses for used beeswax has become a real passion. From cleaning and filtering wax to the finished product of soap or a candle is a wonderful pastime. I sell my products online, at the door and at various craft fairs. 

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