Pure Raw Honey 





Our primary product is pure, raw honey. This means that We do not fine filter in order that all the natural qualities and benefits of our honey are retained. 

The type of honey we sell depends on the weather conditions and season for the given year, see below for details. 

 Every year can bring different tastes due to what is blooming, since each year rain, sun, moisture, etc. all play a vital role in what plants are growing and providing nectar to the bees. Thus, our honey reflects a unique time of season in the specific place in which they live. We provide our bees with an enormous variety of plants that are ecologically managed, from which the bees forage. 

Spring honey is made by the bees using nectar from numerous flowers (poly floral) such as apple & pear blossom, snowdrops, bluebells, poppies & wildflowers to name a few.  It sets firm quite quickly and is often quite pale in colour . It has a delicate aroma and tasting expresses many layers: floral, grassy, tangy, earthy. 

Our honey comes to you in pure form, nothing added or taken away. The frame on the right contains honey that the bees have capped over using wax. 

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