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Handcrafted Soap - Five Options

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Choose from 5 hand crafted soaps all made from scratch by Nicky at Little Leafy Bees.
Natural ingredients, no preservatives or chemicals whatsoever, all eco packaging. Each bar is carefully created by hand, giving you a soap that does not dry or irritate the skin.

Please specify which soap you would like in the ‘order comments’ section at the bottom of the checkout page.


Heavenly scented Chamomile soap, Immerse yourself in a soothing warm bath and allow the gentle aroma of this amazing bar sooth away stress and tension. Gentle on skin, it is a thing of beauty.


Natural, refreshing & containing anti-inflammatory properties thanks to the wonderful Lavender flowers. They grow in abundance around the beehives, we harvest and use them to create our luscious Lavender soap.


All plant Castile soap is a mild, gentle soap. This soap originally heralded from Castile, Spain. It’s main ingredient is olive oil, making this soap vegan friendly.

Oaty Goaty Soap

My work buddy suggested the name for this bar. It contains Oats and Goats milk for clarification! It’s a rather tricky soap to conjure up, due to the goats milk since temperatures must be very precise to ensure an even mix between oils. But the results are worth it. Goats milk soap is an experience, just ask Cleopatra.
The addition of oats makes this bar perfect for those with rashes, excema or sensitive skins.

Glorious Rose

A soap with the most luxurious creamy lather, delicate rose scent & topped off with miniature rose buds and rose petals.

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